How do I buy a ticket?

Click on the Tickets I Merchandise I Sponsorship link to purchase a $50 family ticket good for all family members (grandparents too!).  Guest author speakers, activities/crafts and food are included in the admission price. You may also purchase your tickets as well as t-shirts, author books and totes during morning drop-off at the Elementary Campus.  We will be set up outside the art room and Claire's 3rd grade classroom every Friday beginning September 20th through the event.  Tickets may also be purchased online.  Ticket prices go up to $65 Wednesday, October 16th so purchase early. 


Wait, you mean we don't have to buy additional tickets for food? 

That's right! All of the delicious food and activities at Bookwood are included in the single ticket, family price (don't forget grandma and grandpa). Family tickets are $50 for early birds.  Again, prices go up to $65 end of day Tuesday, October 15th so purchase early!


Are faculty and staff invited?

YES! We encourage the whole Oakwood Family to attend. Faculty and staff attend for free. Please contact the event co-chairs prior to October 19th for more information.


How can I help?

Bookwood is an event powered completely by parent volunteers. Without your help, Bookwood does not happen. Please CLICK HERE to volunteer your time. Sponsors are also needed to help offset the cost of this affordable, family fun event. We try to cover all of the costs of the event through tickets and family sponsorships so all proceeds go directly to the Story Center. Please click on the Tickets I Merchandise I Sponsorship tab for more info.


How do we dedicate books?

At Bookwood, titles carefully selected by our Elementary School Teachers will be on display to select and purchase with a credit card. Proceed to fill out a custom bookplate in your family, child, loved one or friends name to dedicate your books to the classrooms.   


Can we take books home? Will there be books we can buy?

YES!!! This year, we will host a traditional Book Fair. Choose from countless titles to purchase, take home and enjoy with your family!  You can also purchase books by our guest authors that can be signed, and of course go home with you!  Please note this is a CASHLESS event!  Credit cards only!


Can we buy Bookwood gear at the event?

We will have limited quantities of T-shirts, and Tote Bags available for purchase at the event. In order to make sure you get your Bookwood merchandise in time for the event, we recommend you purchase ahead of time on campus Friday mornings beginning September 20th through the event. Merchandise will be available during drop off where advance tickets are sold.  In addition, you may purchase gear to be 'Bedazzled' at our extremely popular Bedazzling station on the day of the event!  There will be T-Shirts, Totes and Hats available to make your own! Again, this is a CASHLESS event!

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